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The citrus juicer with the power of 25W helps you prepare juice from grapefruits, oranges, lemons or limes in a very comfortable way. A specialspout makes it easy for juice to flow directly into your favorite glass. What is more, after using the juicer, you have to

Regular cleaning and getting rid of the ashes is necessary if you want your fireplace to remain fully functional and the Camry AD 7035 ash vacuum cleaner is a perfect tool/device for it. What makes it different from regular vacuums is that it can deal with both cold

Freshly baked waffles are a great dessert or snack. The 1500W Adler AD 3036 waffle maker allows you to prepare up to 4 crispy waffles at once. The heating plates are covered with a special non-stick coating which makes it easier to take out the waffles and clean th

With the 1500W Adler AD 3033 pizza maker you can have your pizza at home, without having to order it. If you love the taste of good pizza and want to decide about the ingredients use – it will be a perfect choice for you. You no longer have to rely on the nearby p

Classic 1-litre electric kettle is useful in every kitchen, office and students´ dormitory. For safety reasons it is equipped with an auto switch-off which protects the kettle from boiling dry and switch the kettle off immediately after the water boils. The kettle